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Abortion Storyteller: Because of that abortion, I made strides in my life.

I was 16 when I got pregnant. I called my partner at the time and he said, “this can't f****** happen. Do you hear me?”

I weighed my options very carefully, but I already knew I was going to get an abortion. I tried to reason with my parents, but I was living in an abusive environment. I had to move in with my father. He's very anti-abortion, but took me to the clinic.

They told me I was 10 weeks along. They said I just made the cutoff for the medication abortion, and I chose that route. I took the medicine and lived a week of hell, and figured that was it.

I got a call a few days after they checked my hormones. The lady who called me on the phone sounded so sad. I knew it didn't work properly, she then confirmed my thoughts. We cried together, and I went back in for another round of meds. The termination succeeded.

Because of that abortion, I made strides in my life. Graduated high school, became employed, went to therapy. Now I've had a baby by choice. I understand even more how difficult and threatening pregnancy can be for some people.

Abortion is nobody's first choice, but for many it's the only choice.

Quin Kertesz (they, them)

Patient Advocate & Storyteller


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