Annie Norman

Associate Field Director

she, her

Annie Norman oversees our team of Regional Community Organizers, ensuring they have what they need to thrive as they continue to build local, collective power across Michigan.

Annie grew up on a farm along the red dirt roads of rural Creek County, Oklahoma. Early experiences with abortion stigma at her small public high school planted a seed that would drive her to spend her career fighting for all people to have equitable access to the reproductive health care they need, on their terms.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Oklahoma. In between obtaining her degrees, she served in the Peace Corps, where she spent two and a half years working on sustainable community economic development and sexual health education projects in the rural farming community of Tierra Blanca de Cartago, in Costa Rica’s central valley. Since then, she has worked nine electoral campaign cycles, and as an educator and then as an organizer for Planned Parenthood affiliates in Waco, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In her free time, Annie can be found exploring her new home city of Detroit, adjusting to this new idea of the “Michigan Left,” running on Belle Isle, and working on her ‘zine-inspired cookbook.

Annie Norman