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Michaela Rochow

Patient Advocacy Program Organizer

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Michaela is the Program Organizer for Planned Parenthood’s Patient and Health Center Advocacy program. She provides opportunities for health centers and their visitors to become involved in the advocacy side of Planned Parenthood through clinic escorting, canvassing, and storytelling.

Michaela’s passion for reproductive rights and advocacy began during her undergraduate career at the University of Michigan, where she received her Bachelors of Arts in Gender and Health and Psychology. She then received her Masters of Public Health with a concentration in public health policy and law from the University of Toledo.

During her time as a graduate student, she worked at the Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women striving to create and implement sexual health initiatives on campus, including a sexual health access map and online education materials. She also worked as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher, which provided her with an even deeper sense of empathy and passion for advocacy work.

In her spare time, Michaela enjoys rewatching the same shows over and over again with her cat, spending time with her loved ones, and shopping for things she does not need.

Michaela Rochow
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