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Ryan Hoaglin-Jackson

West Michigan Regional Community Organizer

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Ryan Hoaglin-Jackson serves as the West Michigan Regional Community Organizer. Ryan also currently serves in an elected capacity as a Vice-Chair for the Calhoun County Democratic party where he also chairs the Outreach & Engagement Committee, focusing on building strong community connections and engaging a volunteer network to support policy and electoral victories — a position gained by leveraging skills and connections garnered through his time working in electoral politics here in Michigan.

Ryan has an extensive background as a direct service provider working with the elderly and children, often from very marginalized and underprivileged communities. He has worked as a paraprofessional for autistic children and as a technician providing behavioral therapy in a clinical setting. Most recently in education he worked as a long-term substitute teacher in an elementary classroom. Translating this experience into activism, he will be a candidate for the Battle Creek Public Schools Board of Trustees in the 2024 election.

Carrying the stories of the children that he has worked with over the years as a daily motivator to improve society for the next generations, Ryan is thrilled to bring his skillset to the fight at PPAM ensuring quality and comprehensive sexual, reproductive, and general health care as a fundamental right for all.

Ryan Hoaglin-Jackson
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