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Black Organizing Program

Attacks on reproductive rights and health disproportionately impact Black communities. Our Black Organizing Program focuses on reproductive justice activism by and for Black communities.  

Our theory of change: If we support and uplift the political and social power of Black communities through advocacy, organizing, education, and resource distribution, giving them the tools to feel empowered when navigating health care and making decisions in health care and policies affecting health care. Our goal is to build an equitable, sustainable, and inclusive movement that centers those who are most impacted, protects and expands avenues for access to care, and attains reproductive freedom for all.

Our dynamic, statewide programming includes: 

Shop Chats: Partnering with Black-owned businesses and creating safe spaces, where the Black community is invited to learn and discuss sexual reproductive health care and how that care, or lack thereof, impacts their community. Collaborating on ways to work together to improve care and access to reproductive health care.. 

Community Strategy Meetings: Space created for community stakeholders to collaboratively determine how we can move in solidarity together.

Online Discussions: Online events that connect the community with resources that empower. 

Solidarity Sponsorships: Investments in local organizations that advocate for reproductive justice and support access to community resources including reproductive health care, sex education, LGBTQIA services, and other services that support human rights. 

For more information about our Black Organizing Program or to get involved, reach out to our program organizer Alexa Williamson at

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