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Michigan Voting

How to Register to Vote in Michigan

To be eligible to register to vote in Michigan, you must be:

  • A Michigan resident (at the time you register) and a resident of your city or township for at least 30 days (when you vote)

  • A United States citizen

  • At least 18 years of age (when you vote)

  • Not currently serving a sentence in jail or prison.

      Note: formerly incarcerated people CAN vote in Michigan


What you will need to register: 

To register to vote in Michigan, you must provide documentation that proves where you live. That can include:

  • MI Driver license or State ID 

  • Utility Bills 

  • Bank Statement 

  • Paychecks 

  • Other official government documents

Michigan voter registration options:

You can register to vote in Michigan online, by mail or in-person at your local clerk's office. 



Register online at the Michigan Secretary of State website.

You will need a valid MI driver’s license or State ID to register online.


By Mail 

Fill out a voter registration application and mail it to your local clerk. 


In Person 

Visit your local clerk’s office, fill out an application, and turn it in to the clerk.

This option is available up to and on Election Day.

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How to Vote Absentee in Michigan

Applying to Vote Absentee

You can apply for an absentee ballot online, by mail or in person. 


Online requests can be made up until 5 PM the Friday before Election Day and will require a valid Michigan driver license or state ID. 

You can also download and print a paper absentee voter application online and then return it to your local clerk by mail or in person. If you do not have internet access, you can also call your local clerk and request that the paper application be mailed to you. 


Visiting your local clerk’s office in-person is the best option if you are trying to request an absentee ballot very close to Election Day. 

Submitting your Absentee Ballot 

Once you have registered, the clerk will mail you your absentee ballot. Or, if you have turned in your application in-person at the clerk’s office, they may give you your ballot right there. 


You MUST submit your absentee ballot to your city clerk by 8 PM on Election Day for it to be counted. You can hand deliver your ballot to the local clerk’s office, mail it to the clerk’s office, or drop it off at a designated ballot drop box.

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Absentee Voting Quick Links

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Key Dates & Deadlines

October 18: last day to register to vote online or by mail. After this date, voters must register in-person at their clerk’s office. 

October 19-November 2: in-person registration available at local clerk offices with proof of residency. 

Until October 29: Absentee ballots mailed to voters.

Until November 1 at 4 PM: Voters can obtain absentee ballot in person at their local clerk’s office.

Until November 1: Voters who lost their absentee ballot or did not receive it can spoil their ballots and receive a new one. 

November 2: Election Day

Michigan Redistricting

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC) is redrawing Michigan's electoral maps. Our civic engagement team is working to ensure our community members can make their voices heard and support fair, representative maps! 

Click the button below to sign up to speak at an upcoming feedback session (virtually or in-person). After you sign up, a member of our team will reach out with all the information you need and explain the process.