Cassy Jones-McBryde

Black Organizing Program Manager

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Cassy Jones-McBryde is an award-winning social entrepreneur who has a long-standing commitment to the empowerment and positive development of women and girls internationally and specifically in Detroit.

Cassy serves as the Black Organizing Program Coordinator for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan. Cassy will share best practices, strategies and learnings from over 10 years of experience in social justice to help more effectively engage Black folks and other communities of color across all of PPAM programs.

Cassy also serves as Chair of the statewide affiliate’s Equity Action Team, further expanding the results of our out front work on race, equity and inclusion across the affiliate writ large. Cassy is also a part of Planned Parenthood’s National Patient Advisory Task Force whose goals are to help to develop national affiliate guidance to all of Planned Parenthood’s patient advocacy programs.

Prior to coming on as staff at Planned Parenthood, Cassy served as a National Speaker for the National Storytellers of Planned Parenthood. Named 2013 Plus Fashion Power Player, recipient of the 2014 Heineken Taste Maker Award for Community Excellence, 2016 Spirit of Detroit Awardee and 2019 Corp Magazine Diversity in Business Leader, Cassandra has dedicated her life to helping women overcome adversity, improve their self-image and build a community of positive support and love.

Cassy Jones-McBryde