Nicole Wells Stallworth

Executive Director

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Nicole Wells Stallworth has a wide range of professional and personal experience in Michigan politics, advocacy, government relations, and fundraising for political candidates, nonprofits and community organizations.

Before taking on the role of Executive Director at PPAM, Nicole served as the Assistant Vice President for Government and Community Relations at Oakland University, where she helped develop and implement local, state and federal relations & advocacy strategies on behalf of the University.

Upon the announcement of her hiring, Nicole Wells Stallworth said, “It is such an incredible honor to be joining Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan. I am delighted to be serving such a meaningful purpose of advancing the organization’s dynamic mission. I am equally humbled by the opportunity to work alongside some of the sectors more reputable and committed individuals who’ve demonstrated an unwavering commitment to ensuring equitable access to sexual healthcare and ensuring reproductive justice for all Michiganders.”

Nicole Wells Stallworth