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Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes Launches $2.8M Electoral Program in Michigan

Governor Gretchen Whitmer joins Michigan PP Votes volunteers to kick off largest-ever electoral program in earnest in support of champions for reproductive health Today, Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes announced the launch of its electoral program in Michigan as part of “We Decide 2020,” the people-powered electoral program to elect champions for reproductive rights. The program kicked off with a virtual launch event with Governor Gretchen Whitmer welcoming supporters and underscoring what’s at stake for reproductive rights in Michigan this November, and featured volunteers speaking to what motivates them to take action.

Statement from Governor Gretchen Whitmer:

"This is the most important election of our lifetime, and it's crucial that we work around the clock to ensure we elect Joe Biden and Democrats up and down the ballot in November. If we're going to ensure access to quality, affordable reproductive health care, I need partners in the Michigan Legislature and in the White House to help me get it done. I'm grateful to Planned Parenthood for their dedication to ensuring a historic voter turnout this November. Let's get to work."

With less than three months left before the November 3rd election, volunteers will begin outreach to voters about the importance of voting and expanding access to reproductive health care for all. From making sure that the state delivers its 16 electoral college votes to Joe Biden, to securing the re-election of Sen. Gary Peters, to protecting and flipping legislative seats up and down the ballot for reproductive health champions, Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes will serve as a significant force in this 2020 election cycle.

Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes will mobilize supporters to connect with more than 800,000 voters across the state. The $2.8 million dollar program will support Planned Parenthood Action Fund-endorsed federal candidates like Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Gary Peters, US Congressional Representatives Elissa Slotkin and Haley Stevens and other reproductive health champions like state house candidates Kelly Breen, Julia Pulver, Barb Anness, Christine Morse, and Dan O’Neil as well as incumbents Laurie Pohutsky, Padma Kuppa, and Jim Haadsma, through a voter contact and relational organizing program, paid digital advertising, and a robust direct mail program.

Statement from Emily Clancy, Field Director at Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes: “Michiganders know what’s at stake for reproductive health care. For years, conservative politicians have put profits and politics before the health and wellbeing of Michiganders, working to pass extreme abortion bans, shut down Planned Parenthood health centers, and cut off access to health care. The stakes for our health and livelihoods have never been higher — we can’t afford another four years of Trump or a Mitch McConnell-led Senate that fills our judiciary with judges hostile to our health and rights. That’s why Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes is organizing in every corner of the state to elect Joe Biden and reelect Gary Peters, an experienced leader who will expand access to health care and reproductive rights, and always put people first. We’ve fought back every step of the way in Michigan— and this November, we’re taking that fight to the ballot box.”

As the country grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and an administration that refuses to take science-backed action to protect our health, Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes will invest seven figures into an innovative virtual relational organizing program that authentically engages voters while keeping our volunteers and communities safe. The robust voter contact program will use cutting edge technology to reach voters where they are and mobilize supporters to talk to their family and neighbors about what’s at stake for Michigan this November. It will also help voters who are concerned about COVID-19 exposure to cast their ballots by mail or make a plan to vote safely in person.

We Decide 2020 is the largest electoral program ever for Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations, with a historic investment of at least $45 million in key battleground states. Voters want champions for reproductive health — including the right to access a safe and legal abortion — in public office, according to polls. Support for abortion access is at an all-time high, and there is no state in the nation where banning abortion is popular. In the 2018 election, Michigan voters elected reproductive health champions Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, Elissa Slotkin, Haley Stevens and dozens of state and local candidates. For a fact sheet with more details on why supporting abortion is a winning political issue, click here.

The stakes for reproductive rights in Michigan could not be higher. From now until Election Day, Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes will be working to ensure Michiganders turn out in force at the ballot box to support reproductive rights champions.


  • Joe Biden, President

  • U.S. Senator Gary Peters, Michigan Senate

  • Jon Hoadley, Congressional House District 6

  • Elissa Slotkin, Congressional House District 8

  • Haley Stevens, Congressional House District 11

  • State Rep. Laurie Pohutsky, State House District 19

  • Kelly Breen, State House District 38

  • Julia Pulver, State House District 39

  • State Rep. Padma Kuppa, State House District 41

  • Barb Anness, State House District 45

  • Christine Morse, State House District 61

  • State Rep. Jim Haadsma, State House District 62

  • Dan O’Neil, State House District 104


Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes is an independent expenditure political committee registered with the Federal Election Commission.

Paid for by Planned Parenthood Votes, 123 William St., NY, NY, 10038 and with regulated funds by Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes SuperPAC, PO BOX 15041 Lansing, MI 48901. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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