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Planned Parenthood Gave Me a Second Chance

By Anonymous

I was 20 years old, living with my boyfriend of 4 years, and trying to go to college. We had been using contraception regularly, but I was not worried. This was the man I planned to spend my life with.

When I told him I was pregnant, I did not get the love and support I was expecting. He did not tell me it would be okay, he told me instead that he was not going to marry me because of a baby. I was devastated. I could barely pay rent now that I had no support.

Planned Parenthood was there to support me through my abortion and after. They continued to provide me with medical care I could not afford elsewhere. I have since graduated college and even went back to school for my Master’s degree. I have a husband that loves me and 3 amazing kids. Thank you for giving me a second chance.

The views in this story reveal the story-tellers experience and do not necessarily reflect the mission of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Michigan.


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