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Planned Parenthood Executives from Across the Nation Convene in Detroit to Support Proposal 3

This week, executives representing Planned Parenthood advocacy organizations in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. convened in Detroit to support Proposal 3, the ballot proposal to restore the protections of Roe v. Wade in Michigan.

Proposal 3 is the first citizen-initiated ballot measure of its kind. As reproductive health advocacy organizations across the country look for routes to restore and maintain abortion rights in the years ahead, Michigan’s Proposal 3 could serve as the blueprint for protecting access.

Planned Parenthood leaders attended a two-day retreat with top officials from the YES on Proposal 3 campaign, learning about campaign strategy, coalition building, fundraising, and more.

Statement from Nicole Wells Stallworth, Executive Director at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan:

“All eyes are on Michigan. On November 8, voters will have the opportunity to restore the protections of Roe and ensure that Michigan’s criminal abortion ban can never take effect. This would be a historic win for not only Michiganders, but patients in neighboring states who are depending on Michigan to remain an access point in the Midwest.

Our campaign will also serve as a blueprint for advocates looking to restore abortion rights through the power of direct democracy. I’m hearing from leaders across the country who are closely following our campaign and laying the groundwork for citizen-initiated ballot measures in their own states.”

The event ended with Planned Parenthood leaders participating in a door to door canvass, talking to Detroit voters about the importance of protecting abortion access in Michigan. As one of the only states in the Midwest to have maintained abortion access without interruption following the overturn of Roe v. Wade, Michigan is a critical access point for patients living in nearby states with abortion restrictions.

Statement from Kersha Deibel, an Ohio CEO representing Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio:

“We know with certainty that abortion restricting legislation has immediate and devastating impacts because we’ve seen it here in Ohio. Right now, we’re fighting to reverse and halt the effects of Ohio laws like Senate Bill 23, which ban abortions around 6 weeks gestational age. In the few months since Roe fell and SB 23 took place, hundreds of patients have already been affected in Ohio. In that time, we relied heavily on states like Michigan to support patients we no longer could. Securing constitutional protections in Michigan can ensure that no matter what, patients in red states still have options. Patient’s lives depend on it.”


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