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PPAM Attends Health Policy Committee Hearing in Support of Expanded Contraceptive Access

Updated: Mar 7

On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, PPAM attended the Michigan House Health Policy Committee hearing in support of three bills aimed at improving contraceptive access for Michiganders. The first of these is HB 5013, introduced by State Rep. Julie Rogers, which would require all insurance companies to cover a 12-month supply of contraception. While this provision is already in place for Michigan Medicaid recipients, the bill would ensure that those on other insurance plans don’t face unnecessary barriers to accessing their prescription. 

The remaining bills, HB 5435, introduced by State Rep. Stephanie Young, and HB 5436, introduced by State Rep. Kara Hope, would improve access by allowing Michigan pharmacists to prescribe and dispense contraceptives and require insurance companies to cover pharmacist-prescribed contraceptives. With no practicing OB/GYN providers in over a quarter of Michigan counties, allowing community pharmacists to serve as contraceptive access points would help rural and low-income Michiganders overcome barriers that, too often, cause them to miss doses and increase their chances of an unintended pregnancy. According to the bills, pharmacists would complete state-approved training before being permitted to participate. If passed, Michigan would join at least 28 states and the District of Columbia in allowing pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives. 

At the hearing, Dr. Sarah Wallett, Chief Medical Operating Officer for Planned Parenthood of Michigan, delivered expert testimony emphasizing the safety record and the incredible benefit that expanded contraception access would provide Michiganders in all parts of the state. 

The committee also heard testimony from storyteller Harsna Chahal, who shared some of her experiences as a college student facing barriers that made it difficult to pick up refills of her medication due to her busy class schedule and lack of reliable transportation.

The Health Policy Committee is expected to take a vote on HB 5013, HB 5435, and HB 5436 at a future hearing. Be sure to follow us on social media, and sign up for action alerts for important updates as these bills progress through the legislature. 


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