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Proposed Michigan Abortion Ban Defeated

Right to Life of Michigan has acknowledged their signature collection efforts fell far short of the minimum required to enact an extreme abortion ban in Michigan.

The credit for this victory goes to all the pro-choice voters who turned out in 2018 to vote for reproductive health champions like Gov. Whitmer and AG Nessel. That record-breaking turnout forced Right to Life to have to collect signatures in proportion to the number of Michigan voters who actually agree with their agenda; unsurprisingly, it proved to be impossible to do that and meet the minimum number of signatures required to be certified.

Stop the Bans Rally in Ann Arbor in 2019

Instead, they were prepared to let certain politicians dictate what treatment highly-trained doctors with decades of experience could recommend to their patients and force them to perform unnecessary procedures on pregnant people. Of course, there was never any intention of putting this dangerous proposal before voters – as we all know, 77 percent of voters agree that we should keep abortion safe, legal and accessible.

Right to Life has never been able to get their proposals enacted except using this method – one that requires the fewest possible people to enact an extreme agenda on millions.

Not this time. Whether it was by negligence or whether it was an attempt to pad their numbers and hope no one would notice, Right to Life turned in thousands of invalid signatures with a shocking number of duplicates. This underscores just how little support there truly is for their anti-science, anti-medicine, anti-abortion agenda in Michigan.

Today is a victory for every doctor and every patient in Michigan, and for every person who’s been forced to endure traumatic procedures because bad laws enacted by Right to Life-backed politicians demanded it. No more. The days of Right to Life dictating medical care in Michigan are over, and we couldn’t be happier to be the ones to say it.

Join us as we fight to ensure everyone has access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care.



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