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What Texas' 6 Week Abortion Ban Means for Michigan

Last night, the Supreme Court failed to take emergency action to block Texas’ extreme, six week abortion ban. The Supreme Court could still act, but as of midnight last night, Texas’ Senate Bill 8 has gone into effect.

This dangerous legislation bans abortion after six weeks and allows anti-abortion extremists to sue anyone they suspect of helping a Texan obtain an abortion after the six week limit.

This is a devastating day for Texans—and for people across the country who depend on the protections of Roe v. Wade to access abortion care.

The Supreme Court is set to review a case that could overturn or severely undermine Roe v. Wade in a few months. Their decision not to intervene in the Texas ban before it took effect is a deeply concerning indication that they may not uphold Roe.

Here in Michigan, we have a pre-Roe abortion ban on the books. If Roe were to fall, Michiganders could be forced to leave the state to access abortion care or lose access completely. This would hit those who already face obstacles to accessing abortion due to systemic racism and oppression the hardest.

If you care about protecting reproductive freedom, now is the time to fight like never before.

Here are some actions you can take:

It's important to get engaged online, too. You can make a big difference by activating your friends and family online. We know that the majority of Americans—and the majority of Michiganders—want abortion to remain safe and legal. Now is the time to get loud and get active.

Join our #BansOffOurBodies social media blitz. Select from a variety of graphics, customize your message, and help us activate your network to stop these attacks.

No matter what happens, we will keep working to ensure that everyone who needs access to abortion can and will get the care they need. Abortion is still legal in Michigan. Let’s keep it that way.


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