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2022 Michigan Attorney General Race

As the state’s top lawyer and law enforcement official, the Attorney General plays a pivotal role in protecting the rights of Michiganders. It is imperative that we elect a reproductive health champion like Dana Nessel who is ready to defend our rights amidst an ever-changing legal landscape.

Matt DePerno, Challenger

Matt DePerno is a dangerous extremist who has made his stance on abortion clear– he supports a total ban with no exceptions under any circumstances. DePerno has also attacked access to birth control and emergency contraception, saying that the Supreme Court decision protecting access to birth control should be overturned and arguing for a ban on Plan B.

And his dangerous agenda doesn’t end at attacking access to reproductive health care. His harmful rhetoric regarding the 2020 presidential election, which he still claims was stolen, makes it clear that he is a direct threat to democracy. DePerno is currently being investigated for tampering with Michigan voting machines.

Dana Nessel, Incumbent

Dana Nessel is a champion for reproductive rights. Before her election in 2018, she saw the writing on the wall and knew what was coming in the fight for abortion access. Attorney General Dana Nessel understands the importance of defending against the inappropriate overreach of power-hungry politicians who want to interfere with a person’s basic right to sexual and reproductive freedom. She has pledged that “neither I nor anyone from my office will defend the statute in Michigan that criminalizes abortion.” Every step of the way in Michigan’s fight for abortion rights, Nessel has proven that she strongly supports reproductive rights– including abortion. We can count on Dana Nessel to protect reproductive freedom.


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