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2022 Michigan State Senate 9th District Race

Our health and rights are on the line. With Roe v. Wade now overturned, the Michigan legislature could determine our rights to reproductive health care. It's critical that we elect leaders who will work to expand access to health care, not attack it. Learn more about where Michigan’s 9th State Senate District candidates stand on health care and reproductive rights before you turn in your ballot for the General Election on November 8.

Padma Kuppa

Padma Kuppa is currently serving her second term in the Michigan State House of Representatives for the 41st District. Kuppa is a strong fighter for reproductive rights and gender equality.

During her time in the Michigan legislature, Kuppa introduced legislation to support pay and gender equality in the workplace and co-sponsored the Michigan Reproductive Health Act.

Kuppa has also introduced a resolution calling on Congress to officially ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and enshrine gender equality into the US Constitution.

Kuppa has the experience needed to get the job done, and a strong record of taking action to protect reproductive rights– including abortion access.

Michael Webber

Michael Webber is endorsed by the extreme anti-abortion group, Michigan Right to Life. While serving in the Michigan House of Representatives, Webber co-sponsored an abortion ban in 2015 and voted in support of another ban in 2019. He has also stated that he does not support Prop 3, the ballot measure that would block enforcement of Michigan’s near-total abortion ban from 1931 and protect reproductive rights in the Michigan state Constitution.


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