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2022 Michigan Supreme Court Race

With so much at stake in Michigan this election, we must ensure the State Supreme Court is ready to defend reproductive rights, racial equality, and LGBTQ rights. We have seen what can happen in the hands of an extremist court and one thing is clear – an extremist majority would be detrimental to progress made in Michigan. It is expected that after this election, there will be many matters surrounding reproductive freedom that must be decided by the Michigan Supreme Court, and we need justices that respect and value our principles and will protect the rights and health of Michiganders.


Anti-Abortion Michigan Supreme Court Candidates

Brian Zahra

Brian Zahra is an extremist who is endorsed by the anti-abortion organization, Michigan Right to Life. Zahra made his stance clear when he dissented on the approval of the Reproductive Freedom for All ballot proposal (Prop 3), indicating that he considers his own personal beliefs in court decisions, instead of the law. While on the Michigan Court of Appeals, Zahra is known for ruling in favor of a state constitutional amendment barring public employers from recognizing same-sex unions, and that domestic partner benefit plans are unconstitutional. Zahra must be replaced in November to ensure we have justices that will put Michigander’s rights above their personal beliefs.

Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson talks about non-partisanship, but don’t be fooled. Paul is endorsed by the anti-abortion organization, Michigan Right to Life. With so much at stake on the ballot this November for abortion in Michigan, we cannot afford to appoint a justice that risks chipping away at all of our hard work to ensure our reproductive rights are enshrined into the Michigan State Constitution.


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan Endorsed Michigan Supreme Court Candidates

Michiganders can trust Justice Richard Bernstein and Kyra Harris Bolden to rule fairly and strike down unconstitutional attacks on our rights and access to health care.

Justice Richard Bernstein

Justice Richard Bernstein will ensure the Michigan Supreme Court upholds the rights of Michiganders and rules fairly on important cases.

In August, Justice Bernstein ruled with the majority to overturn a State Board of Canvassers deadlock that would have prevented Proposition 3 from appearing on the November 2022 ballot and silenced the voices of the more than 750,000 voters who signed on to support the measure to protect reproductive freedom in Michigan.

Justice Bernstein also ruled with the majority on a case earlier this year that protects LGBTQ Michiganders from discrimination.

Kyra Harris Bolden

Kyra Harris Bolden is currently serving her second term as Michigan State Representative for the 35th District. While in the State House of Representatives, Kyra has been a reproductive rights champion. Her record in the state legislature demonstrates her commitment to protecting the rights and health of Michiganders.

Electing Harris Bolden will make history when she takes the bench as the first Black woman to serve on the Michigan Supreme Court.


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