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2022 Michigan State Senate 29th District Race

Our health and rights are on the line. With Roe v. Wade now overturned, the Michigan legislature could determine our rights to reproductive health care. It's critical that we elect leaders who will work to expand access to health care, not attack it. Learn more about where Michigan’s 29th State Senate District candidates stand on health care and reproductive rights before you turn in your ballot for the General Election on November 8.

Winnie Brinks, Incumbent

Winnie Brinks is a champion for reproductive health and rights. In 2021, Winnie Brinks co-sponsored the Michigan Reproductive Health Act which would guarantee individuals’ freedom to make decisions about their own reproductive health, including the decision to end a pregnancy.

“Legislators don’t belong in the doctor’s office with people who are making personal decisions about their reproductive health. These decisions are often difficult and traumatic, and always personal, especially when faced with a life or death situation. Ultimately, it should not be the government’s responsibility to decide what is best for a patient in those situations. Individuals should have a right to manage their own reproductive health the way that it works best for them and it’s time our laws respect everyone’s right to choose,” said Brinks on the proposed bill.

Anti-abortion opponents have blocked the legislation from passing, but we have the opportunity to change the balance of power in the legislature on November 8. With champions like Brinks leading the way, we can protect and expand access to reproductive health care.

Tommy Brann, Challenger

Tommy Brann is endorsed by the extreme anti-abortion group, Michigan Right to Life. While serving in the Michigan House of Representatives, Brann has repeatedly voted in favor of dangerous anti-reproductive health legislation, including voting in support of a 2019 abortion ban. Tommy Brann is a dangerous extremist and a threat to the health and rights of Michiganders. If given the chance, Brann would ban nearly all abortions in Michigan.

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