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Rally For Abortion Justice Protest Guide

The courts don’t decide our destiny: we do. That’s why on Saturday, October 2, we are taking to the streets to Rally for Abortion Justice across Michigan. Find a Rally for Abortion Justice near you and then check out this helpful guide for participating.


Suggested poster language

  • Everyone loves someone who has had an abortion (courtesy of We Testify & the National Network of Abortion Funds)

  • We should have listened to Black women.

  • Most impacted by abortion bans: Black, Latina, Indigenous, undocumented, incarcerated, poor, and disabled women

  • Latina stories deserve to be heard.

  • We need to find, support, and uplift Indigenous women.

  • Abortion bans are racist, sexist, and classist!

  • March today so Michigan won’t become Texas tomorrow.

  • Cis men benefit from abortion access too, so show up or shut up.

  • Roe is the floor, not the ceiling; it’s time for more!

  • We’re done compromising: abortion justice for all!

  • Saving Roe is not enough. We need Abortion Justice. (courtesy of All* Above All)

  • Abortion is health care.

  • The courts don’t decide our destiny, we do.

  • Your reason is the right reason. (courtesy of We Testify)

  • I love someone who had an abortion.

  • Sue thy neighbor is not in the Bible

  • We will not go back!


What you should bring to the march

  • Small backpacks and bags are allowed. We recommend you fill them with water and snacks for the day.

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Mask & hand sanitizer

  • Portable phone charger

  • Bring your defiance to injustice and bring your demands for abortion justice


Actions to avoid at Abortion Justice Rallies

  • Do not bring - any weapons or anything that can be construed as a weapon, including pocket knives, multi-tools, mace, scissors, etc.

  • Do not bring - any illegal drugs (while cannabis is legal in Michigan its use is still restricted in most public spaces)

  • No coat hangers - we do not want to reinforce the misinformation that self-managed abortions are dangerous, scary and harmful.

  • No Handmaid’s Tale - The use of Handmaid's Tale imagery to characterize the controlling of women’s reproduction has proliferated, primarily by white women across the country, since the show has gained popularity. This message continues to create more fragmentation, often around race and class, because it erases the fact that Black women, undocumented women, incarcerated women, poor women, disabled women have always had their reproduction controlled in this country, and suggests that it didn’t matter until it impacted white women.


Keep Up the Fight

The fight for abortion justice will not end on October 2, 2021. We have a long road ahead of to protect access to safe, legal abortion and make it accessible to anyone who needs it. Become a member of PPAM for as little as $10. As a member, you will be one of our highest-level volunteer-supporters and receive exclusive opportunities to get involved.


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