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Planned Parenthood of Michigan Publishes "101 Guide to Abortion"

Abortions are common, safe, and essential medical procedures for people to have full autonomy over their bodies.

Everyone deserves accurate, nonjudgmental information about essential health care. Planned Parenthood of Michigan’s 101 Guide to Abortion zine empowers its readers with 40 pages of information, resources, and activities about:

  • How abortion works,

  • Some common barriers to abortion access, and

  • How to be an advocate for abortion access in your community.

Planned Parenthood of Michigan’s education team, in collaboration with PPMI medical experts and abortion care navigators, made this 101 Guide to Abortion zine for everyone, Michiganders and beyond. We believe that abortions and the people who have them become less stigmatized when more and more people can speak confidently about what abortion is, how it works, and why access to it is important.

Read the 101 Guide to Abortion, and share it with the people in your life to start the conversation about abortion and why access to it is so important.


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