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Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan joins Gov. Whitmer in celebrating the passage of Prop 3

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

On Wednesday, December 14, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and partners in the fight to protect abortion access in Michigan held a press conference to celebrate the passage of Proposal 3. Proposal 3 will officially take effect on December 24, 45 days after the election.

Governor Whitmer also signed an Executive Directive that will require all state agencies and departments to review aspects of reproductive rights that fall within their jurisdiction to ensure that they provide the maximum protection possible for the fundamental right to reproductive freedom enshrined in the Michigan Constitution as a result of the passage of Proposal 3.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan is thankful to Governor Whitmer for her ongoing support and continued advocacy for reproductive freedom for all Michiganders. We are proud to have partnered with Michigan Voices and ACLU Michigan to lead the Reproductive Freedom for All coalition. Because of Proposal 3, reproductive rights are permanently protected and Michigan’s status as an access point for sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion has been solidified.

Proposal 3 passed with 57% of the vote in November despite challenges from opposition groups. In passing Proposal 3, Michigan made history as the first state in the nation to pass a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to reproductive freedom.

Statement from Nicole Wells Stallworth, Executive Director for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan:

“It’s an honor to gather with my colleagues and Governor Whitmer to celebrate such a historic moment for Michigan. When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last summer, Proposal 3 created an opportunity for Michiganders to decide for Michigan.

Thanks to Proposal 3, Michigan’s health care providers are now able to practice medicine without fear of being charged with a crime and Planned Parenthood’s patients can feel safe, knowing that their medical decisions will be decided only between them and their health care providers.

Governor Whitmer’s Executive Directive is a great next step toward securing our reproductive freedoms, and we are grateful that she is proactively working to ensure that state agencies are in full compliance of the law, so that all Michiganders can fully exercise their fundamental right to reproductive freedom now enshrined in the Michigan Constitution.

When Proposal 3 goes into effect on December 24, Michigan will be a place where all people are ensured their own bodily autonomy, and is a place where everyone can thrive.”

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan (PPAM) is the advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood of Michigan. PPAM works in conjunction with Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund at the national level, as well as our health center/education affiliate Planned Parenthood of Michigan, supporters, and patients at the state level to ensure access to reproductive health for all Michiganders.


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