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Announcing our 2018 General Election Candidate Endorsements!

We’re less than 60 days away from the general election, and we wanted to make sure you knew who the choice champions are on your ballot!

We’ve just released our full endorsement guide, listing those candidates who’ve earned out endorsement for their demonstrated commitment to protecting health care access for women, men and teens here in Michigan.

Here’s what Lori Carpentier, our President & CEO, said today about all the candidates who’ve earned our endorsement:

“The vast majority of Michiganders believe women should keep their constitutionally-protected right to make their own reproductive health care decisions, including abortion. “In these extraordinary times, when women’s rights are under attack like never before, are all the more appreciative of and proud to stand with these champions who fight tirelessly on our behalf to ensure we all have access to the health care we deserve ”

It’s clear that protecting access to basic health care and our constitutional right are priorities for millions of Michigan voters. Of PPAM’s endorsed and favorably-rated candidates, an astonishing 90 percent won their races in the August primary!

We’re facing some tough fights and fending off constant attacks, but never before have we had this many dedicated champions supporting us.

Now, it’s time for us to support them.

Will you join us?

As a member, you will stand shoulder to shoulder with us at the front lines of this movement - and that includes supporting pro-choice candidates who fight for our rights, too.

Take a moment to check out the endorsement guide here and share it with a friend, and become a member so you can be part of the next Pink Wave.


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