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Planned Parenthood Attends Health Policy Committee Hearing in Support of The Reproductive Health Act

On Thursday, September 14, The Michigan House Health Policy Committee heard testimony regarding HB4949–4959, also known as The Reproductive Health Act (RHA). The 11-bill package was introduced last week by State Representative Laurie Pohutsky, and aims to repeal a series of harmful and medically unnecessary restrictions to abortion access. A similar package was introduced in the Senate by State Senator Sarah Anthony. Dr. Sarah Wallett, Chief Medical Operating Officer for Planned Parenthood of Michigan shared compelling testimony that demonstrates the clear harm to both patients and providers that these restrictions create.

If passed, the RHA will remove restrictions that single out abortion care, originally established by anti-abortion politicians to restrict access under the guise of patient safety, when in reality, they do the opposite. The committee also heard testimony in support of the RHA from Dr. Halley Crissman, Dr. Charita Roque, and Dr. Lisa Harris, who each offered stories of their own patients who had experienced harm as a result of these unnecessary, and now unconstitutional, restrictions to abortion access. Michigan voters passed Proposal 3 last November with overwhelming support, enshrining the right to reproductive freedom into the state constitution. The amendment allows for the state to implement restrictions to reproductive health care only when necessary by a compelling state interest using the least restrictive means. The Reproductive Health Act will ensure Michiganders have meaningful access to abortion by removing the 24-hour mandated delay, bans on insurance coverage for abortion services, one-size-fits-all informed counseling laws, nearly impossible-to-meet building requirements for procedural abortion facilities, and other medically unnecessary restrictions. The Health Policy Committee adjourned following an hour and a half of testimony and is expected to take a vote soon before returning to the House for a full floor vote. Click below to contact your elected representatives and urge them to support the Reproductive Health Act.


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